Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our Kitty Nicknames

My family has given many nicknames to our 3 cats.  Many of them were made up by our child.

Phoebe has been called: "fee fee", "pheebs", "pheebles", "asshole" (because she's a bully)

Sadie has been called: "Sade", "Sadiebug", "Sadiekins", "Turdsmuggler" (because she's got long fur and semi-poor hygiene)

Mailyn has been called: "Mai-Mai", "Dink Eye", "Toothless", "Curly Paw", "Mama Kitty", "Poop Rocket" (the reason for me writing this blog entry!)

Mailyn and Phoebe were both shelter cats and were born in the wild.  Seriously, they were feral cats living out of dumpsters and such.  Phoebe was rescued at 4 months old, but Mailyn was about 4 years old when she was caught.  The shelter is totally guessing on this, but there had been sightings of Mailyn for years before they caught her.  She was captured behind a dumpster behind the Chinese restaurant at the 28 and 97 junction in Salem, NH.

Phoebe was captured very young so she learned to be around humans very quickly, Mailyn took years.  She's now about 10 years old and has been "normal" for only about 2 of those years.  Now she's a lap cat!  4 years of her hissing at us, hiding under furniture and now she sleeps with me, we can pick her up to pet her and she's good for us when we use the inhaler to give her her asthma meds.  That's right, we have to use an inhaler on her.  LOL.  It's actually kind of cute and funny ;)

Sadie was a pet store cat and is pretty normal.  For the first 3 years of her life, she hadn't been spayed.  She was 100% and went into heat every so often.  That was an interesting time.  She would knead anything and everything with her butt in the air.  Her nightly cry sounded like a damned human baby or a chupacabra.  My wife got a hold of her and had her spayed.  She immediately doubled her weight and stopped cleaning herself!  Ack!  She's getting better at the cleaning, but she is medium hair so every so often we have to comb out mats (see my previous posts).  She actually sleeps every night with my daughter.  She has her own pillow and blanket and sleeps under that blanket.  She's awesome.  Heck, they are all awesome!

Got lots more stories coming later, including how the kitties got some of their nicknames ;)

From the top to bottom: Sadie, Phoebe, Mailyn

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wolf at Our Heels

If you are interested in music theory and want to get some knowledge about tuning and intervals dropped on ya, check this out.  Nothing special to say about it, but it is very cool atricle.

Bathroom Etiquette for the Men's Room - Double Whammy

Men's bathroom, (3) urinals, all open.  I take the farthest urinal to the left and start my business.  Door squeaks open and someone walks in... taking the middle stall right next to me.... ugh.  Okay, that's just weird. 

I finish up my business just as another gentleman walks in.  I turn around, looking down to buckle my belt and the new guy walks in front of me towards the fartherst right stall (the correct one he should have taken) but then turns quickly, brushing against me TO GET TO THE STALL I JUST USED.  Dude, I was buckling and you brushed me as you were unbuckling.  This isn't a relay, it's a bathroom.  Sheesh.  It's not like I left the seat warm for him, they were urinals.  My toilet wasn't even done flushing.

So, two of the Bathroom Etiquette rules for the Men's Room were broken on me in same visit.  I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Need a Bigger Couch

My wife was pretty ill yesterday with a cold or flu or something.  She currently sounds like Kirsty Alley if Kirsty Alley had a cold.  This morning I asked her "how was it working with Ted Danson on the the set of 'Cheers'?"  She responded quickly, "He was an asshole.  He was all hands!"  Because of the aforementioned cold/flu thing, I stayed home from work with her yesterday.  Her body ached and she didn't want to get out of bed so I stayed home and helped her out. 

Most of this home time was spent on the couch watching TV.  We have a normal 3-cushion couch, nothing fancy, but it's not undersized.  Well, not undersized until you get (2) grown adult humans trying to lay on it and throw in (2) couch hogging full grown cats.  Yes, those cats love to stretch out exactly where you are planning to sit.  They also will not move as you are sitting. They won't move if you try to shove them out of the way.  They are like rocks.  Rocks that purr.  I guess any touching is petting to these cats, even if that touching comes from your buttocks!

So, we've talked about getting a bigger couch, but I'm not sure that will do anything, really.  I think the cats will continue to lay where they expect us to sit, just to keep getting petted.  My cats run my house, I just have to accept it.  Heck, I'm honestly sixth in command, behind the wife and kid too! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

Moby Dick vs. Xena's Sidekick

Oh man.  Barry Bostwick and Renee O'Connor?  Wow, this movie is going to be an awesome pile of suck that will be featured on SyFy and I will gladly watch it and, honestly, will probably love it!  YES!!

I must point out too that I LOVE Renee O'Connor.  ROC is so pretty.  I loved her back from the Xena days (where she played Gabrielle, for those who don't remember!) even when she popped the pixie cut and lost her long blonde hair.  I miss Xena.  At least we have 2010: Moby Dick and Spartacus to remember Lucy and ROC!  AYIYIYIYIYIYYI!

If the Earth stops spinning, Africa will be sittin' pretty

What I found so interesting about this article is that my daughter asked some similar questions of me yesterday.  Weird huh?  What happens if the Earth stops spinning, what happens if we didn't have a moon, etc.  She was in one of her inquisitive moods (which I love!).  Maybe she reads  My only answer was we would all die.  This takes it a little further.

George Strait should have been singing "I've got some ocean front property in Pittsburgh" instead of Arizona.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lion of the Sun - Animal Costumes

Wow, this stuff is killer!  Kind of creepy, but cool enough to override the creepiness!